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It is difficult to believe that a place like French Polynesia exists. Without seeing it, we can not believe it! Yet, Tahiti invites you to discover its special charms. All adventures are possible in French Polynesia. The discovery of the back country or simply to make the yacht in a sea of blue unreal. Polynesia, it is not only breathtaking scenery. It is also an extraordinary warmth of a traditional people largely influenced by France.


The cost of living is very high in Tahiti, the fact remains that Tahiti is the dream destination for most travelers in search of scenery and calm the mind.


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Bon voyage to Polynesia!


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By short time, you can find our records on the cult of French Polynesia

Îles Sous-le-Vent


Bora Bora - Huahine - Maupiti - Raiatea - Tahaa



Manuae - Maupihaa - Motu One - Tupai - Mopelia - Scilly - Bellinghausen


The Tuamotus Islands

Rangiroa - Avatoru - Tiputa - Green Lagoon - Blue Lagoon - Sables Roses - Islands reef - Otepipi

The North Tuamotus

Makatea - Tikehau - Mataiva - Manihi - Ahe - Takaroa - Takapoto - Arutua - Kaukura - Fakarava - Anaa

The South and East Tuamotus

Nukutavake - Hao - Moruroa

Marquesas Islands

Nuku Hiva - Ua Huka - Ua Pou - Hiva Oa - Tahuara - Fatu Hiva - uninhabited island

Hawaï voyage

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