Living cost in French Polynesia


Life is very expensive in Tahiti and throughout French Polynesia and the money disappears very quickly! French Polynesia is the second most expensive place in the world after Japan and if you're not ready it can be quite disconcerting. It really takes a little planning and self discipline if you want to live within your means, or when you return, you will be receiving the credit card bill that will make your images dreams quickly!

To all those planning a trip to French Polynesia, note this:

If you have a lot of money: Do not wait any longer and
leave as soon as posible to Tahiti and its islands! Buy what you want, stay where you like to eat and where you want ... Do not skimp because the rest and activities in Tahiti may be extraordinary!

If you have limited amounts of money: Try to limit yourself when shopping. Stay away from gift shops! Support local artists and craftsmen where you can. When you rent a car, get a "Panda", not a Honda ... Stay in the middle range of pensions or family accommodation, as opposed to high-end luxury resorts ... Eating on the edge of the road "truck", small
restaurants, or shop at grocery stores. Also, do not be afraid to ask to see a menu prices before you stuff it with bread.

Finally, if you're really poor or broken, or very worried about spending money: Do the French Polynesia.

Credit cards:

The credit card is an essential Tahiti. Not only does it get a peace of mind (until the receipt of invoices at least!) If you have mismanaged your expenses, but it is a practical method of payment for everyday expenses. Most hotels and businesses require a footprint (deposit) of your map: Car Rental, Activities, etc.,
usually ask for your card printing. With the card, your money remains at hand. It is a good thing ... Also, another major advantage of using your card you get a much better exchange rate on purchases, including cash draws from the bank if you need it.


Living cost in Tahiti

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