Langage of French Polynesia


Languages spoken in French Polynesia:

It is no surprise (smile!) That we report that French is used by all in French Polynesia. As against, the local language is the Tahitian. A basic knowledge (formulas of salutation) can be very interesting.

Tahitian language:

The Tahitian language is in the great family of Polynesian languages and is used in French Polynesia by about 125,000 people. Most speakers live in the Tahitian Society Islands and some islands in the archipelago of the Tuamotus. This language is also spoken in New Caledonia, in some regions of New Zealand and Vanuatu, and is closely linked to the language of Rarotonga and Hawaii.

Tahitian language was not written until the early 19th century. It now uses the Latin alphabet to describe phonetically the Tahitian language. The graphics system was designed and adapted to the Tahitian language by John Davis
, a Welsh historian and linguist, and was proposed on 8 March 1805. Davis poduisit then the first book printed in Tahitian, a book called ABC No Te Aebi Tahiti in 1810. Most documents published since has been a religious or educational nature.

Method language, dictionary and grammar of the Tahitian language in french:


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French Polynesia had a 2002 census population of 245 405 inhabitants whose distribution on the islands is as follows:
Windward Islands: 184 224 inhabitants
Windward Islands: 30 221 inhabitants
Tuamotu / Gambier: 15 862 inhabitants
Marquesas: 8 712 inhabitants
Australia: 6 386 people

The composition of the population (relatively young with 43% under 20 years) is 83% Polynesian, European and Asian 12% to 5%.


Tahitian langage

Tahitian langage

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