Currency of French Polynesia


The currency of French Polynesia (Tahiti) is the Pacific Franc. His international code is (XPF)


Value and exchange rate of the currency of French Polynesia:

1 Euros = 119,34 XPF                            Taux de change actuel

1 $ Can = 80,65 XPF                              Taux de change actuel

1 US = 80,99 XPF                                    Taux de change actuel

1 Franc Suisse =     75 XPF                    Taux de change actuel

1 £ = 159,110                                          Taux de change actuel


The Pacific franc is divided into peaceful ticket 500,1000,5000,10000 francs. The aluminum parts are for small rooms, 1,2,5 francs alloy for 10 francs and 20 bronze for 100 francs.
One might wonder the value of the coin of 1 franc.

Cash in French Polynesia: Cash machines are everywhere in all banks in French Polynesia.

The major banks in French Polynesia:

The main bank is the Bank of Polynesia (the site of the Bank of Polynesia)
The Bank of Tahiti (the site of the Banque de Tahiti)
The Socredo (the site of the Bank Socredo)
O. P.T (post).

Traveler's checks and credit card in French Polynesia:

The American Express is very active in French Polyn.sie because it allows for miles with Air France. You can pay everywhere with this card. On the Polynesian islands, it must nevertheless provide the cash to pay the minimum. Note that many pension accept payment with credit card in French Polynesia.

Territory where the French Pacific Franc is used:

The French Pacific Franc is used in the territory of French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna.

History of the Pacific franc:

The Pacific Franc was created in December 1945, at the same time as the French Franc. Upon signing the Treaty of Bretton Woods, the French franc was devalued to 200 F = 1 Pound Sterling in 480F = 1 Pound Sterling. The French Pacific Franc was therefore created to keep the French colonies of this dramatic devaluation

Currency of French Polynesia

 Pacific Franc XPF

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