Surfing in Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the most exotic places in the Pacific (and probably in the world). These extraordinary islands are to Discover for travelers in general but absolutely magical for surfers. The island is truly a tropical paradise of clear water, great beaches and an island with a casual lifestyle.

If you are a follower of this discipline that you read and read all the surfing magazines, you've probably seen images of huge waves of Tahiti - Teahupoo. Such huge wave are very often met in Tahiti and on different islands. If you are a true passion for surfing, Tahiti
offers an extraordinary opportunity to confirm your passion.

There are two surf seasons in Tahiti and they are from November to March (summer) and April to October (winter). The northerly swell coming during the summer season and are often 8ft when Hawaii is 15ft. The winter can be generated by major storms south of the Antarctic and New Zealand. The shores are ideal for high waves.

Tahiti is also a place with enormous untapped potential for surfers. But be careful, a stay here can be very expensive!

Tahiti and French Polynesia is a paradise for surfers in the world.
The high wave, in addition to the extraordinary landscapes of the Polynesia Polynesia is a destination of choice for lovers of the waves. Ideal for surfing, are Tahiti and Huahine Mo'orea.


The best time for surfing in Tahiti is from November to April. Need Surfing Lessons?


Surf in Tahiti

Surfing in Tahiti

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